About Goddess Christina

Erotic Goddess Christina Fuck You Pay Me

All men bow before me. Enslaved with a single glance at my perfection. How can a perfect Goddess such as myself have such an impact on men all over the world? Wouldn’t you like to know! It’s not simply my gorgeous body that traps them. That’s only the first impression. There’s much more to me than meets the eye. There’s something about me that makes men feel like they’ve never felt before. I’m able to understand them on a different level. Get inside their head. Twist it around however I see fit. And of course I leverage this skill to my own benefit. They all know exactly what I’m doing to them. How I use them for my own benefit. Financially, mentally, physically. Whatever I please. You’ll learn this too. The art of seduction is something that’s natural for me. I always get my way. As I deserve to. There’s no doubt that I’m a very smart woman who knows exactly what I want. And I get it. This alone makes me irresistible. A powerful, strong, sexy woman that knows what she’s worth. That is hot!

Unique in every way, shape, and form. No one can compare to me. I’m the Goddess of your dreams. Everything you fantasize about. You know so very little about me but yet right this moment you find yourself craving more. You want more. You desire to know more about this Goddess that is consuming your mind. Causing your cock to stand to attention. More… your mind begs. Something…

For that you will pay. Being apart of my life is such a privilege. One in which you must earn. So where will you start this journey? Begin by sending a tribute. You know what I want. I want that wallet open good and wide for me. Funding the wonderful life that I live. Catering to what Goddess desires. Digging deeper into that mind of yours as you associate pure pleasure in giving to such a perfect Queen. Then you must build upon your new found addiction by visiting my clip stores. Supporting what I do. Enjoying the content I create that allows you to worship me day and night. Deeper and deeper you go. More and more. You need me. You want me in your life. Completely consuming you. Then… and only then may you approach me. You should know that I have many men begging to worship and kiss the ground that I walk on. Approach me with cash. Tell me your deep hidden desires. Strive to impress me during this process. Nothing excites me more than money does. Bow before me, pay me, and then you may speak.

This journey is only beginning. You can’t possibly know the places I plan to take you. The things I’ll make you do. The things you’ll love doing for me. All on my command. Being a slave is much more amazing than you could ever imagine. The words, “Yes Goddess Christina” are what your lips are craving to speak. And now it’s all you can think about.

Goddess Christina